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Balderson Joins Call for Action to Address Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Troy Balderson today joined more than 90 Republican House colleagues in a letter on behalf of American farmers calling on the Biden Administration to tackle rising fertilizer costs.

"The Biden Administration is turning a blind eye to the turmoil that skyrocketing fertilizer and fuel costs are causing for America's farm families," said Congressman Balderson. "This poses a real threat for families outside the farm too. Already stretched thin by the highest inflation we've seen in over 40 years, the ripple effect will surely be felt in the form of rising prices at the grocery store."

The letter, sent to President Biden on Tuesday, makes several commonsense recommendations the Administration should take immediately to alleviate fertilizer costs for American farmers, including:

  • Increasing the domestic production of natural gas, which accounts for 75-90% of fertilizer production costs,
  • Approving pending permits for the export of liquefied natural gas,
  • Reducing regulatory restrictions, like cross-border vaccine mandates for truck drivers,
  • Using existing USDA authorities to provide emergency financial relief for farmers, and
  • Incorporating essential products like phosphate and potash, key fertilizer components, as part of the Department of the Interior's crucial mission.


Representative Balderson's passion for agriculture stems from his childhood, much of which was spent working on his family's grain and beef farm in Muskingum County, Ohio. Congressman Balderson is a Member of the House Agriculture Committee and a strong advocate for policies that support Ohio's small and family farms.  

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