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Balderson Selected to Serve on House Energy and Commerce Committee

“I am honored by my colleagues’ trust in selecting me to serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee for the 118th Congress,” said Rep. Balderson.

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On Wednesday, Congressman Troy Balderson was selected by the House Republican Steering Committee to serve on the House Energy and Commerce (E&C) Committee.

“I am honored by my colleagues’ trust in selecting me to serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee for the 118th Congress,” said Rep. Balderson. “This new role affords me a unique opportunity to champion many of the policy priorities important to the families and communities I represent, such as restoring American energy dominance, advancing health care innovations benefiting rural communities and children, and positioning the U.S. as the world’s economic leader and creating jobs here at home.”

“I am excited and proud to welcome Rep. Balderson to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. We will be at the forefront of House Republicans’ efforts to restore public trust in representative government. Americans have elected us to hold the line against Biden’s agenda. They want a different path, one that promotes free markets, innovation, free speech, and individual freedom. We stand ready to plow the hard ground necessary to legislate, hold the Biden administration accountable, and restore American leadership,” said E&C Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers. 

“I want to thank Chair Rodgers for this opportunity,” added Balderson. “I look forward to working together to advance a robust agenda and fulfill our Commitment to America.”

As a Member of Congress, Rep. Balderson has been a leading voice on efforts to restore American energy independence, ensure America is leading the world in health care and medical innovation, improve access to broadband for rural and underserved communities, end our reliance on China, and hold Big Tech accountable.

As former Chairman of the Energy & Public Utilities Committee in the Ohio Senate, Rep. Balderson brings to this role the depth of knowledge and experience needed to help lead the fight to restore American energy independence.

Ohio’s 12th Congressional District is blessed with abundant energy resources. Spanning central and southeast Ohio, Rep. Balderson’s district sits atop the Appalachian Basin region, home to both the Utica and Marcellus Shale formations, which collectively account for nearly half of America’s dry shale gas production.

Home to world-class health systems as well as community and federally qualified health centers, Ohio’s diverse 12th Congressional District serves patients from all walks of life, giving Rep. Balderson a unique perspective to approach some of the most pertinent issues facing the Committee. 


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