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Balderson Votes in Favor of Security Assistance for Israel

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Representative Troy Balderson (OH-12) voted in support of a $14.3 billion emergency supplemental appropriations package that provides Israel with the resources needed to defend itself against Hamas, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization based in the Gaza Strip.

“For nearly a month, Israel has fended off heinous attacks from terrorists who are intent on wiping them off the map,” said Balderson. “This package provides our great ally Israel the equipment needed for their continued defense and says loud and clear that the United States will always stand with Israel and its people.”

The Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act will also replenish American defense stockpiles and allocates funds to evacuate American citizens in Israel. The cost of the supplemental funding bill is fully offset by recisions from President Biden's so-called Inflation Reduction Act, specifically the enhanced funding for the IRS.

  • Ensures American military readiness by providing $4.4 billion to replenish domestic defense stockpiles.
  • Bolsters Israel’s defensive capabilities and stockpiles of munitions critical to its continued efforts, specifically by providing:
    • $4 billion to replenish Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems.
    • $3.5 billion in Foreign Military Financing for the procurement of advanced weapons systems and defense articles and services.
    • $1.2 billion for the continued development of the Iron Beam system to counter short-range threats.
    • $1 billion to support artillery and munitions production.
  • Supports U.S. personnel and citizens by providing:
    • $150 million for an enhanced security presence at the US Embassy.
    • $50 million for the evacuation of U.S. citizens.
  • Requires that the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State provide written reports to Congress detailing US security assistance provided to Israel to ensure accountability.
  • The funding is offset by recisions from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, specifically Section 10301, which appropriated enhanced funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

See the full text of the bill HERE.


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