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Balderson Condemns Biden Decision to Ban New LNG Export Projects

  • Floor Remarks 2.5.2024
WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) delivered remarks on the House Floor Monday in response to President Biden's recent announcement banning future liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects, a decision that jeopardizes the stability and affordability of natural gas domestically, hurts the American economy and jobs, undercuts U.S. allies, and strengthens adversaries.

On January 26, President Biden banned the approval of new LNG export facilities, bowing to the demands of climate activists. Claiming this decision was guided by environmental concerns, the President ignores the fact that natural gas has been instrumental in reducing U.S. carbon emissions over the past two decades.

This week, Balderson joined more than 150 House Republicans in a letter to President Biden demanding an end to this LNG export ban, and today he took part in an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing looking at how the ban harms America’s energy and economic security.

You can watch Congressman Balderson's floor speech HERE or read the full remarks below:
Thank you, Mister Speaker, and thank you to my good friend, Congressman Joyce, for leading this Special Order.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen the Biden Administration oppose American energy production at every turn. Biden’s most recent announcement not only undermines our energy sector, but it also endangers our allies overseas.

Since Putin began his invasion of Ukraine, our European allies have raced to transition away from Russian energy by importing clean American LNG. The Administration’s shortsighted, dangerous decision accomplishes one thing and one thing only: empowering Russia.

Claiming that this decision is based solely on protecting the environment is just absurd. Because of natural gas, the United States has reduced our emissions more than any country in the world over the last 20 years. The President’s ban on new LNG export projects is not an environmental decision—it’s a political decision. Rather than holding countries like China and Russia accountable, President Biden would rather appease radical climate activists who are determined to ban fossil fuels at all costs.

This latest announcement hurts producers here in America, the thousands of men and women working to keep our lights on every day, and throttles investment in clean American energy. Simply put, by freezing new LNG export permits, the President is putting election year politics ahead of the interests of American workers, consumers, and our allies abroad.



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