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MVHC Gives Congressman Troy Balderson a Preview of Their New Mobile Care Units

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Today the CEO of Muskingum Valley Health Centers gave U.S. Representative Troy Balderson a tour of the recently opened MVHS Clinic on Putnam Avenue.

The tour was to see the work being done on expanding healthcare access in Muskingum County -especially to underserved areas- which has been a goal of Balderson’s.

“We want access for healthcare for folks, and this is a great example of how that can work. And they have taken a strip mall basically here, and converted into an absolutely beautiful facility -great investment into the community. And it gives people in the Putnam area access to healthcare, and it’s seven days a week,” Troy Balderson, U.S. Representative said.

In the spirit of expansion, Balderson also received a tour of one of the three new busses the MVHC will be using for mobile primary care dispatch services.

“This is the mobile unit. It is a great opportunity for us to go out into the communities and really get into more rural areas where patients have additional barriers -especially transportation- to get access to care. So what we really want to achieve with this is making sure everyone has the access they need to primary care services,” Dan Atkinson, CEO of Muskingum Valley Health Centers stated.

The busses come with all the bells and whistles. Including a full examination room, a fully functioning bathroom, and the capacity to collect bio-samples. The busses will be able to provide mobile primary care services, COVID-19 testing, and COVID-19 vaccinations. The busses will begin to be rolled out in the coming months, and an online schedule will be posted where the busses will be and for how long.

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