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My Priorities

Man in hard hat working in a factory.

Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Trade

The manufacturing and agriculture industries in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District produce more than $100 billion in sales each year. We have our hardworking producers to thank for our nation’s abundant supply of food and manufactured goods, and the... Read More »
Two oil rigs at sunset.

American Energy Leadership

The United States is blessed with abundant, clean, and reliable energy resources — and we need a national energy strategy that embraces American energy dominance and innovation. Restoring American energy independence is vital to both our national sec... Read More »
Man in an apron standing in a doorway to a business with a 'We're open' sign on the window.

Economy, Jobs, and Workforce Development

Fostering a successful Ohio job market is my top priority in Congress. Ensuring a healthy, prosperous job market translates into opportunities for Ohioans. The number one issue I hear from business owners is their need for more skilled workers. One ... Read More »
Stethoscope on top of doctor's lab coat.

Health Care Access

Expanding access to quality and affordable health care, especially in rural areas, is a top priority for Representative Balderson. That is why he is a top advocate on Capitol Hill for the expansion of innovations, such as telehealth and remote patien... Read More »
Prescription Pill bottle on the side with pills spilling out.

Opioid Epidemic

In the United States, Ohio ranks as one of the top-five states with the highest rates of opioid-related overdose deaths. In 2016, there were 4,329 opioid-related overdose deaths in Ohio – more than double the national average at the time, and more th... Read More »
Red barn on a farm with the state outline of Ohio painted on the side.

Rural Broadband

Congressman Balderson testifies on the expansion of rural broadband program ReConnect Rural communities make up a significant portion of Ohio's 12th Congressional District, and I am working to make sure these communities are not forgotten. Of critic... Read More »
18 wheeler truck driving down a highway into a sunset.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Few things directly impact the lives of Ohioans on a daily basis as much as our infrastructure. Each day, we rely on Ohio’s highways, airways, and railways to get us all the places we need to go. Similarly, the livelihood of Ohio’s businesses relies... Read More »
Man in a military uniform holding a small child who is holding an American flag.

Veterans and Military Families

As the leader of the free world, the United States of America boasts a military with unparalleled pride, tradition, and history. Our brave and dedicated servicemembers and their families make significant sacrifices to protect our freedoms, both at h... Read More »

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