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Balderson Legislation Requiring Federal Agencies to Keep Pace with Wireless Innovation Approved by Committee

The House Energy & Commerce Committee approved legislation today, led by Congressman Troy Balderson, by a vote of 49-0 to modernize federal spectrum coordination. The legislation was among 19 pieces of legislation considered during Thursday's markup hearing.

Wireless spectrum is a federally-allocated, limited resource upon which virtually every American relies for modern wireless communications. These services include mobile phones, radio, television, satellites, and more.

"Federal agencies have a bad track record at keeping pace with technological advances, especially the rapid acceleration of wireless communications over the past several decades," said Rep. Balderson. "This legislation pushes federal agencies to keep up so Americans can be confident that access to critically important technology that we all rely on every day is not interrupted. From the cell phone in your hand to the radio in your car, it all relies on the efficient and effective federal coordination of this finite resource."

H.R. 1341, the "Spectrum Coordination Act" would require the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to update their coordination agreement every four years, taking into account the rapid advancements in wireless technology. The most recent coordination agreement took 20 years to update.

The legislation also increases transparency and accountability, requiring the public disclosure of concerns with potential spectrum actions, impacts on government agencies, and how those concerns are to be addressed.

H.R. 1341 now goes to the House Floor for further consideration.

Click here for full text of the bill. 

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